Monday, 27 March 2017

Fossil Findings

Now the coarse fishing season is over I do like to have a break before getting the fly rods out and there is nothing better than poking about on the beach for findings. The book you see above was a market finding and a very cheap one at that - who could resist such a cover? The art very similar to that in some of the Shell naturalist guides and classroom posters - I like it very much.

I have not had too much too much in the way of fossil finds these last few weeks - not enough rough seas to make them easier to find or, most likely, I am getting beaten by the "early morning" hunters who get there before me and find the treasure. Good luck to them, they deserve it! It is enjoyable to see some of the more exposed rocks that have fossils within - some of them are huge and you would need a tractor to get them home - best left where they are I say.


The Two Terriers said...

Dickie, great fun rooting around on the beach and fossil hunting gives purpose. When the grand sons are here it's one of the first outings pencilled in. John

Bureboyblog said...

What a find Dickie. Bet that is not the Duncan Forbes of Norwich City. My son found a large lump of what is thought to be a Steppe Mammoth on Saturday. To feature on the blog soonest. Thinking about taking the Little Un's to Dorset soon for a damn good fossil about.

Dickie Straker said...

It's not only the fossils TT, but I just love picking up other beach findings too - wood, bouys (steady!!), rope etc - you never know what's going to turn up - great find BB, not sure about Narrach player of same name, Dorset is of course fossil heaven, that's before you get on the beach!! TTFN Dickie