Sunday, 22 January 2017

One in a million

I was a shy 18 year old I guess. Just filling up my battered old Volvo with fuel after a day's fishing on the River Wye. Bennetts Garage will always have a special place in my heart. I looked out from the shop at the forecourt and there was some bloke standing by my car. Who the fucks that I thought? I hope he's gone when I get back - he hadn't. 

A guy in a green camo shirt and black trilby looking like a cool Dick Walker was waiting for me - "just spotted those cane rods in the back of your car, I'm mad on fishing, where have you been?" - three hours later we are still on the forecourt. 

They say first meetings are the time that likings are made and they were that day 30 years ago - he gave me a pink business card, for he was an antique dealer from Ealing - The Duke of Bedford Park and he would be moving west to Herefordshire soon - could we keep in touch he asked - "I can't call you Dickie though, already know one of those, it will have to be Rick" - we kept in touch.

Pete Overend Watts became my closest, dearest, lovely friend that day and earlier this afternoon we lost him. I was expecting the call, but it still knocked me down and I feel shattered writing this, but I just felt the need to.

He filled my life with joy. Every moment cherished. We had some magnificent adventures and memories that I will treasure and I am so sad that we won't have any more.

He had such a brave journey these last sixteen months - so brave and so dignified and there were moments of magnificent humour. He sent me this song a short while ago - I make no apologies, it is sad, but one he loved.

I just can't write anymore, the sadness is too great, I have a glass here to share with you son and my love shines bright and my friendship will last forever, Rick


The Two Terriers said...

The worst feeling in your world. John

Have another malt

Champ said...

So sorry for your loss.My sincere condolences.