Monday, 16 May 2016

Views of Little London

I feel like a bit of a stalker sometimes when on my travels - it's not always intentional, but it's just some of my special places were also the special places of some of my loved artists - Paul Nash, John Piper, Bawden, Ravilious ...............they are just as special now.

Sometimes, just by chance, I will have taken in a view and found the very one in a photograph or painting on my return home - I am not artistic at all, I just like to notice things. They liked these places then. I like them now.

Paul Nash - High Street, Swanage 1935

Paul Nash - Town Hall, Swanage 1935

Paul Nash - High Street, Swanage 1935

The view up High Street in Swanage and the entrance to the Town Hall are always pleasing to the eye - the story is a good one and the old name of "Little London" is most appropriate for Swanage - I'll let you read the story of Mowlem and his links to the town here, but on my return after a recent visit I felt sure I had seen the views before. I had a look through my Paul Nash photographs and knock me down with a barge pole I found these. All taken circa 1935-1936 when Nash was a regular visitor to the town. He lived here for a short time when researching his Shell Guide to Dorset - more of that another day, but for now I make no apology for following in the footsteps of Nash. I am sure I will continue to do so both intentionally an unintentionally.

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The Two Terriers said...

Lovely stuff Dickie. In the footsteps of ghosts. John