Thursday, 10 December 2015

Green Man

Green Man - Paul Bommer

I have long held a fascination for the mythical figure that is the Green Man. I don't know how or when it started - probably as a child poking around churches or reading the Green Knowe books of Lucy M Boston, which I still adore now. My fascination with old GM is stronger than ever and no doubt the seed was sown in those early years.

I spotted this wonderful cheeky screen print by Paul Bommer and I just had to have it! It helps that I really like Paul's work - I also like the fact he has included the two wild woodwose folk wielding their clubs like guardians of the forest. There is so much going on in and on those boughs. It is ready to hang and I like it that old GM will be watching over me. 


The Two Terriers said...

I love the concept of the green man and I think I believe it deep down. I've been in woods where I was always convince I'm being watched. Must be deep in the psyche! ATB, John

PS Glad you liked the card. It's an adaption from a series of eight or ten three colour prints I'm doing. Two down eight to go. Watch the blog. John

Dickie Straker said...

I too have that same feeling in the woods John. I too believe in him and the old magic. TTFN Dickie