Monday, 8 June 2015

"I am, so to speak, a showman"

My images do not do this delightful scene justice! My fascination with puppets and all things Punch & Judy is as a result of helping my friend at school deliver a series of P&J shows to all the other classes. He was a master and I his helper - it was an exciting thing for a seven year old to be involved with before Christmas and has stayed with me ever since. I am gripped with a feeling of nostalgia in its purest form whenever I see puppets like this.

As if by magic the window of a local beauticians shop was transformed overnight to this wonderful cabinet of curiosities relating to the showman's art. If Barbara Jones was researching material for a new book I am sure this would have been included.

This excellent article, accompanied by even better images, explains the reason behind the display (click on the link here)

It won't last long. The shop has recently been sold so I expect all of them to disappear as quickly as they arrived and the town of Bridport will be all the poorer for it. Joy & John Rodber we thank you! 


The Two Terriers said...

That's a some lovely old wood type on that poster Dickie, I'm quite excited now. Must have a second look, if I dare. All the best, John

Dickie Straker said...

Great isn't it John! Click on the link for even better images. They will all disappear back into their boxes soon I fear - magic I say say! TTFN Dickie