Monday, 2 March 2015

There's more to fishing.....

.....than catching fish.Years ago a day without fish, or blanking as it is more commonly known would have bothered me. Not any more. A day riverside is a day to be remembered even if the pike don't bite. They didn't this time, well not as I was expecting. A small jack pike was all I could show for my efforts, but who cares......conditions were far from perfect. Rising levels after heavy rain made for difficult fishing on the Avon. 

A day roaming in the wilds of Wiltshire is a day well spent. I had my jack early in the day to a new old rod and it all sort of fizzled out after that. The wildlife was spectacular however. A roe deer flushed out of the undergrowth as I crept upstream, snipe everywhere, a flock of 100+ long-tailed tits and cloud formations to die for were more than enough to make the day memorable. The best was yet to come though. I know the peregrines nest a short distance up river in Salisbury Cathedral, as they do at most of the big ecclesiastical establishments, but the sight of a pair hunting around me was a sight to behold.

At last knockings I returned to a favoured spot I call whispering reeds and was again treated as three barn owls ghosted the scrub around me and on the other side of the river. You can just make one out in the photo below. A blank day? I don't think so.

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