Thursday, 13 June 2013

Market Finds No 6

Some veritable gems found on the market this last week - two copies no less of The Shell Book of Roads (Ebury 1969) with some lovely artwork by David Gentleman along with Bernard Venables classic Coming Down the Zambezi (Constable 1974). All for the price of a pint of ale.

From track to motorway - The Dover Road - The Bath Road - The Great North Road - The Roman Steps - The Holyhead Road - The Antrim Coast Road - The Berkshire Ridgeway - Ermine Street - Fosse Way - Sewstern Lane - The Corrieyairack Pass.

 I already have a copy of BV's Zambezi book, so the joy will be in the giving of this book to a friend who does not have a copy. 

Bernard Venables - Tiger Fish, Lukulu

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