Friday, 7 December 2012

Where have all the leaves gone?

Something seems to have passed me by this late autumn. It only seems like yesterday that I was fishing a swollen Hampshire Avon in glorious autumn sunshine thinking of chub and perch. The leaves were still only just hanging on, the clouds mesmerising in their formation and movement and Christmas a fair way away.

I had planned a few bankside forays, but alas it was not to be and as if by magic here we are totally leafless, damp and cold - winter has come, the wood burner is belting out warmth and the yule log has already been gathered. I seem to have lost a complete month.

That was in fact my last trip out and a nice chub nudging five pounds was my reward from a river that was just coming out of bank and has pretty much stayed out of bank ever since. Even though the day was glorious I did hunker down under my old Efgeeco canvas brolly to escape the wind. Away with my thoughts watching the clouds and taking stock of the year so far. The pub, as ever, was very welcome at the end of the day after sloshing knee deep back to high ground.

All being well I'll manage a pre-Christmas trip before the traditional Boxing Day pike session which seems to involve more eating, drinking and merriment than normal and that's saying something.

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